1. From the sensor's Summary screen, select the Settings icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

2. Scroll down to Calibrate Sensor and tap.

3. To begin the calibration process, tap the Calibrate button. You can also tap the Learn More button to access an FAQ about calibration.

4. From this screen, you can choose which calibration technique you want to use by tapping either the 1 Point or 2 Point buttons. If you do not have a Boveda Calibration Kit, you can purchase one by tapping the Buy One button. For a 1 Point calibration, tap Yes, 1 Point.

5. Instructions are provided on how to setup the calibration, but for more information on using the kit, tap Learn More. Once the sensor is in the sealed 75% RH calibration kit bag, tap I'm Ready, Start.

6. The calibration has now started and must continue for a full 24 hours.

7. As the calibration progresses, the App counts down the time remaining. The App will let you know when the calibration has completed.

Countdown Screen

8. When the calibration finishes, tap the OK button.

Calibration Finished Screen

9. The calibration Summary screen will appear next showing the information for the calibration. To view the offset applied to the RH, tap the Customize button.

Calibration Summary Screen

10. The High Point Offset will be displayed. Tap the Back button in the upper left hand corner of the screen to exit calibration.

Calibration Offset Screen