Calibration requires a constant humidity and stable temperature. The Boveda Smart Sensor App supports two calibration techniques, one calibration and two point calibration.
A one point calibration uses a single "calibrator" at a known value. It is used to correct for sensor offset errors if you only require accurate measurements within a relatively small range. It can also be used as a "drift check" to detect changes in sensor performance.

A two point calibration uses two "calibrators" at known values. It is used to correct for sensor offset errors and slope biases if you require accurate measurements over a wider range of values. The value of the calibrators should represent the low and high values of the intend use range.

To calibrate the Boveda Smart Sensor, you will need the One-Step Calibration Kit for each calibration level. A one point calibration requires the 75% RH kit, while a two point calibrations requires both the 75% RH and a 32% RH kit.